Which tutorial to learn crochet when you are a beginner? It’s the big comeback of crochet that we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last few months: crochet bags, crochet clothes, crochet decorations… it makes you want to start! But to learn how to crochet, nothing beats a suitable beginner’s tutorial. It’s easier to begin with simple instructions and easy-to-crochet stitches, before launching into more complicated projects!

What is the easiest thing to learn in crochet for a beginner?

The square crochet coaster tutorial is one of those perfect tutorials for beginners. It is crocheted with single crochets, the most used stitch in crochet, and is crocheted in a back and forth fashion. Here there is no magic circle, no increase, no double crochet or half double crochet, it is a special beginner crochet tutorial.

What material to crochet this coaster?

It is important to use a yarn adapted to the size of the hook. For this beginner’s tutorial, I recommend a #6 hook and a yarn of the same size, because this size of hook will allow you to see the stitches well, which simplifies learning to crochet. But the instructions given below in this tutorial also work great with a #3 hook and yarn!

You will also need scissors and a wool needle to bring in the yarns.

Abbreviations used in this crochet tutorial:

  • ch : chain
  • sc : single crochet
  • sl st : slip stich

This may be useful, here is a summary of the French / English translation of the crochet abbreviations.

Crochet coaster tutorial: instructions

Row 1: Chain 12 and turn your work (because you always crochet from the left to the right).

Row 2: Skip a stitch and crochet 11 sc (from the 2nd stitch of your chain since you skipped a stitch). Chain 1 st and turn your work.

Rows 3 to 11: Skip a stitch and crochet 11 sc, chain 1 and turn your work. Repeat until row 11.

Finishing: At the end of row 11, chain 6 and crochet 1 sl st in the same stitch to form the handle. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends with a wool needle.

Congratulations, you have just crocheted your first coaster! Now it’s up to you to multiply them, in lots of different colors, to give as gifts or for your home 🙂

What is the easiest and quickest thing to crochet?

This coaster is one of the easiest and quickest crochet projects for beginners. You can also make a scarf, or a baby blanket, using single corchets that are the easiest thing to learn in crochet.

Crochet tutorials for beginners

If you’re a crochet beginner, have a look at this article. I share many tips to begin crochet such as the single crochet and chain tutorials.

If you’re looking for free crochet tutorials, I invite you to visit the DIY crochet section of my blog. Most of the tutorials are in French but with a good translation tool you’ll be able to understand them.

You can also have a look at my Etsy shop: all the crochet patterns I sell are both in French and English, you’ll receive both versions.

You can also subscribe to my Instagram account where I regularly post free crochet tutorials, including special crochet tutorials for beginners!

Special crochet tutorials for beginners

It’s always easier to learn crochet with someone who explains and shows you the right moves. That’s why you may find out if there are crochet classes around you. I run crochet classes in several places in Bordeaux, France. If you are interested, all the information about crochet classes is here!

I hope you enjoyed this beginner tutorial of the coaster! Let me know in comments what you’d like to find here for the next tutorials 🙂

Love the flowers? Have a look at this daisy granny square bag pattern!

This little daisy granny square bag is the perfect crochet pattern, available in many colors, fun and quick to crochet!

OK it’s not the ideal pattern to learn crochet. But once you’ll have learned the basic stitches you will be happy to crochet lovely projects such as this cute daisy bag!

Daisy granny square bag tutorial

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