Kids love to go for a walk with a little bag to put all their treasures in… and this little daisy granny square bag makes them happy! Available in many colors, this little daisy bag is a fun project to crochet, quick and satisfying.

This daisy crochet bag is the perfect size for kids: crocheted with a #3 hook, it measures about 10 cm x 10 cm. Its handle is 53 cm long: this size is ideal to be carried on the shoulder by little girls!

4 reasons to crochet your small daisy granny square bag

  • it’s quick to crochet, you’ll want to make lots of them to offer around you…
  • you know how to double crochets, half double crochets and double treble crochets? this crochet tuto is for you!
  • this little daisy granny square bag is a nice idea for a handmade gift for the kids around you.
  • adults and children love it!

What crochet level do you need for this little daisy granny square bag?

To follow this daisy bag crochet tutorial, you need to know the basics of crochet, such as single crochets and chains (for the handle). It also requires knowing how to make a magic circle, and how to crochet double crochets, half double crochets and treble double crochets.

I would say it’s not the perfect beginner tutorial* but suitable for intermediate crocheters.

* looking for a beginner crochet tutorial? have a look at the crochet coaster tutorial!

What equipment do I need for this crochet daisy bag tutorial?

You will need a #3 hook, scissors, and a needle to weave in the ends. You will also need 100% cotton thread in 3 different colors: yellow for the heart of the flower, white for the petals, and a 3rd color for the outline of the bag. I recommend cotton because it’s easy to put your bag in the washing machine!

Where to find the daisy granny square bag pattern?

The crochet daisy bag pattern is available on my Etsy shop, but also on Ravelry. It’s a complete and detailed tuto, with lots of explanatory photos and row by row instructions. It’s a digital crochet tuto, available in PDF format, in English and French.

How do you crochet a daisy bag?

This bag is made of granny squares. It means you’ll crochet several granny squares (two for this kids bag, more for a women purse) then you will then assemble together.

How do you crochet a daisy granny square?

All the explanations on how to crochet a daisy granny square are available in the pattern. This PDF tutorial contains easy to follow, row by row instructions, as well as many explanatory photos. You will know everything you need to know to crochet a daisy granny square.

How many squares do I need for a granny square bag?

When I crochet an adulte granny square bag (I love them!!) I use 19 granny squares for my bag. With 19 granny squares it usually measures 35 cm long and 30 cm high and I find it the perfect size for an adult purse.

Love flower granny squares? You’ll love my flower granny square bag PDF pattern!

Love the daisy granny squares?

You may love the crochet daisy headband pattern!

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